Margaret Y:

As a non-musical parent, but having lots of experience with other private teachers (three older children), I put David’s teaching style at the top of the list, by far!  He is patient, fair, talented, engaging, and respectful.  The way he interacted with my daughter both from a teacher/student relationship perspective and from a professional music perspective was most impressive and special.


Carol I:

David Markowitz gave private flute lessons to my daughter from the time she was in fifth grade until her graduation from high school.  He is a talented flutist whose gorgeous tone and artistry inspired my daughter to challenge herself to reach for a high level of musicianship.  The range of musical styles he introduced to her broadened her horizons and has strongly influenced her academic and artistic pursuits to this day.  David helped her to learn increasingly advanced techniques and challenging pieces.  She took part in NYSSMA competitions throughout middle school and upper school, reaching level 6 and second chair flute in Area All-State Band.  She was co-president of her upper school’s wind ensemble and jazz band, and has continued to work with music in college.  More importantly, David has helped give her a wide body of knowledge of music theory, performance and history which she has carried with her into adulthood.  He was a wonderful teacher – dedicated and kind, and would be a great resource for anyone seeking music education.


Judy C:

I have played music all my life and have studied with excellent teachers, so I know a good one when I meet him.  I consider myself very fortunate in my pick.

David is a superb teacher.  His knowledge of training exercises is extensive.  He also has a remarkable ability to pinpoint problems – and come up with solutions to fix those problems.  He is patient, gives clear instruction and applies just enough pressure to keep me progressing well.  He has high expectations for both himself as a teacher and musician, and for his students.  I also have found David to have excellent musical sense.  He understands music and how it should be played.

More than that though, studying with David is FUN.  He has a dry sense of humor that I very much enjoy.  I look forward to my lessons and absolutely feel that I can give David a strong recommendation.